hi! i’m shawna and i’m so glad you’re here!

as a new year’s resolution on january 1, 2010, i started this blog as an online diary of sorts. a writer my entire life, it was a place to share personal stories, musings, and the occasional outfit selfie. though it was fun to pen my memories and experiences for the entertainment of family and friends, a little voice inside of me yearned for a change. so when i turned 30 in 2015, i decided to pursue my lifelong dream of becoming a fashion blogger. a director of membership for a private country club by day, a barre tender by night, and a fashion lover on a budget at every hour in between, i focus on getting the most mileage out of my clothes. i believe in value over volume, quality over quantity, and fit paired with function. it doesn’t take a celebrity-sized closet to be stylish, only a little ingenuity, a little creativity, and a commitment to styling your pieces for every aspect of your busy life. while i’d rather meet you in person for coffee and a shopping date, sharing my outfits and styling secrets here might be the next best thing.

want more? here are a couple posts you might enjoy:

welcome to shawna leeann. i’m excited to share with you my style, stories, and everything in between.

p.s. any reference to someone named “S” is my husband, who is not only the talent behind 99% of the photographs, but also the absolute love of my life and best friend. oh and in case you were wondering, yes, i type in lowercase.


if you’re interested in collaborating, doing a sponsored post, or other type of partnership, be sure to stop by the contact page and shoot me a quick note.

please feel free to contact me with any questions, comments, or sweet sentiments using the contact page.

shawna leeann contains advertising and affiliate links. this means that though the product is the same cost to you, i may make a small commission. please be assured that any sponsored content will be clearly noted, and i will only agree to write a sponsored post if i whole-heartedly endorse the product and would use it (or already use it) in my daily life.

any products that have been sent to me to feature in a style post will be labeled with “c/o,” and all sponsored content will be noted clearly.

all photos, layouts, and graphics on this blog are created solely for the shawna leeann blog unless otherwise noted. i am happy to share my content, and love when others enjoy my photos or style finds enough to post the links on their own sites. all i ask is that you do not use my exact photos or designs without permission or without noting its origins (and a link back to its original post) on your post.

though this blog primarily features my own photos, i occasionally use images by others i have found online. if you see a photo here that’s not properly credited, please let me know so i can amend the issue and give credit where credit is due!

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