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judy garland (love that judy) once said, “always be a first-rate version of yourself , instead of a second-rate version of somebody else.” so on this dawning of a new year, a clean slate 365 days long, i’m throwing off the old personas. the attempts at being a second-rate version of somebody else.  it has taken me a while to get to his point; this true and unadulterated craving for authenticity, but i think i’m more ready now than i ever have been.

and therefore, with a new outlook comes a new internet home. four proverbial walls and a roof awaiting to be filled with life’s musings. my musings.

sometimes i sit and think how i got here. how the passage of two rotations around the sun has warranted a forum for me to share the intricacies of my life with the likes of y’all. it’s pretty remarkable, to be honest. that my words could bring forth a sense of community and a filler for the creativity-shaped void  i’d been housing for a good long while.

and i know it’s no accident those ruby red slippers found their way home with me that day as i shopped at dsw last year. that somehow their presence in my life only serves as a reminder of judy garland, herself. judy, who famously brought life to little miss dorothy of oz, clad in her blue gingham and braids, whose own pair of ruby red slippers eventually brought her home.

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well my ruby red slippers have clicked thrice, and while it’s not kansas, i do believe i’m home. this new home. a humble abode to store my tales, my adventures, my life.

my life as a first-rate version of myself.

so sit back, relax, put on your favorite pair of over-sized and terribly over-worn sweatpants -the ones you just can’t seem to get rid of and whose fit is somewhere between “cozy” and “just right” (i’m wearing mine, too. they’re from abercrombie and fitch and they feel like warm mug of coffee on a brisk autumn day). join me on this adventure, won’t you? we can both be first-rate versions of ourselves. because everything’s better with a friend and because living life as a second-rate version of somebody else just isn’t nearly as fun.


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