penning a new future

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i have learned that life doesn’t come with a reset button.

and though she sang a lovely song about her attempts at finding one, cher did not find a way to turn back time.

but despite the fact that “be kind, please rewind” doesn’t apply to life’s events, on occasion, if we’re lucky, we are doled out the next best thing.

i’m talking about the second chance. the sophomoric opportunity to alter the ending. not quite re-writing the past (it has, in fact, already come and gone), but rather, and maybe more importantly, penning a new future. because nobody is perfect (thank goodness, think of the pressure!) and life gets messy. but all it takes is one olive branch to bring about change. a simple gesture, further cultivated by willing hearts, open minds and altered attitudes.

because when this occurs, as it has in recent, it is truly something to be had. remarkable, really. it is a direct manifestation of God’s healing powers, His divine goodness, and most certainly, His amazing grace.

calendar pages may never be turned back, opportunities lost may never be found, and memories not shared may never be recovered again. but looking through the rear view mirror will only bring about disappointment and pain. therefore instead, i will hold on tight to this new beginning, be thankful for its presence in my life, and work toward taking every moment to cultivate it into perpetuity. because second chances don’t come along too often.

but boy am i glad when they do.

(because holding grudges is exhausting).

so if you listen to nothing else, hear this: take a mulligan every now and then. allow yourself a do-over. forgive. and forget.

and instead of dwelling in the past, choose to move forward. forge ahead. your writing utensil may not come with an eraser, but it certainly has enough ink to inscribe an alternative ending to this life’s chapter. so what are you waiting for? get writing.


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