she must deep-condition

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i love the internet. for so many reasons. most notably when it leads me to articles such as this. because suddenly, a) the world doesn’t feel so small (and i really like it when that happens) because i can’t help but be bonded by anyone who shares as deep of a love as i do toward anything and everything friday night lights related and b) my tendency to fully engage a celebrity as if i know them if i, say, should ever run into them at church (i’m looking at you tenley molzahn) or assist them with the payment of their green fees should they come up to the club for a round of golf (i’m looking at you, every celeb to ever come into malibu country club that i almost fainted over, most notably pierce brosnan, scott foley and joshua jackson) doesn’t seem as strange.

“looking at your hair is like being underneath a waterfall.”

“congratulations on having the best fake marriage.”

“does kyle chandler’s wife hate you?” [no but really, does she?]

“what is the technical name of your hair color?”

“here, keep my lip gloss, i want you to have it.”

“tell me things about myself that i don’t even know.”

“seriously, man, your hair.”

and i, like anna, would have definitely inquired about connie’s (tami’s) flowing locks. they are really something to be had.

which leads me to my next thought.

while i have rocked (and loved) the ombre look for some time now, i am itching for a change to accompany my newly center-parted ‘do. the change of which i am currently considering has been inspired by none other than tami taylor, herself (duh). here she is on the far right with two of her co-stars from the famed series (that’s lyla garrity on the left and tyra collette in the middle. and yes, they have real names but that’s not important). and while i’m not quite sure if my hair would look as perfectly coiffed as my dear tami’s on a daily basis, perhaps with the proper conditioner and round brush, my mane could also make observers feel as though they are beneath a waterfall should they happen to glance upon it.

a girl can dream, right?

but seriously, do y’all like the color?

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  • Macall
    February 23, 2012

    I like the color and the cut 🙂 I’d always double check with my hair stylist though when going on color changes. They have a better vision of how your skin tone will look with the new color.

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