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so john carter opens this weekend. and while i can’t say the plot line (really? we’re fighting martians?) will get my booty in one of the plush seats at my local theatre, i will say the movie’s leading man and his perfect hair-slash-face-slash-bod-slash-overall essence just might.

i mean, come on. it isn't even fair.

that’s right, tim riggins, er, i mean taylor kitsch (tomay-toe, tomah-toe) will make his big screen debut in the long-awaited disney film which lands in theatres today. he’ll also return later this spring in the perhaps more highly anticipated film version of everyone’s favorite (i’m over exaggerating, i’m pretty sure i’ve played this game exactly one time in my entire 26 years) board game, battleshipand if these two blockbusters weren’t enough, he’s also starring in oliver stone’s indie flick about drug cartel crime called savages alongside the likes of benecio del toro, john travolta and serena van der woodsen blake lively which is set to release mid-summer.

so suffice to say i will be certainly getting my kitsch-fix in 2012; which certainly comes as a welcomed surprise given the fact that i had to say goodbye to #33 last july with the series finale of my beloved friday night lights.

i came across an interview with taylor about his “make-it-or-break-it” year in film in this month’s gq magazine when i saw a snippet of it posted on one of my favorite blogs. and i don’t know how exactly this was even possible given my undying devotion to him already, but upon this article’s consumption (and oh gosh, those accompanying photos) i think i fell in love with taylor/tim (he says it himself, they are basically one in the same) just a little bit more.

he’s like a real canadian dude who almost made it as a pro-ice hockey player (i mean, can we see how he’s basically the man of my dreams? i wonder if he has tattoos…), just happened to audition for a role in a series about texas football, and is now like going to be a big movie star. and he’s really really ridiculously good looking but kind of doesn’t give a crud about it. he’s just, well, he’s tim freaking riggins. in real life form.

“[on texas fashion] it’s just real. it’s comfortable, it’s gritty. it’s not flashy, it’s blue-collar. i have like 20 snap-up shirts in my closet, and i never, never would have thought before fnl i would have that.”

snap shirts or no shirt, i’ll take my taylor in any form pleaseandthankyou.

i mean, i wasn’t looking for a reason to move to the lone star state, but given the fact that some pretty awesome  people currently reside there, and well, now that taylor is really making “texas forever” a reality, perhaps i should reconsider my current zip code. plus i’ve always had an affinity for big hair, cowboy boots and a southern drawl.

oh good Lord.


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