my spring lust-list

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what happens when it’s a slow(er) workday and you are prone to peruse style blogs and/or pinterest on a daily basis?

the creation of a lust list happens. a list of items i am currently lusting over-slash-praying would go on sale, and soon! here they are, in no particular order.

these babies kind of just speak for themselves. they say, “i’m polka dotted and i’m awesome.” if ever there were pants that encompassed my essence, i do believe this would be them.

ag polka dot ankle pants | anthropologie

i feel like floral pantaloons are all the rage. so naturally, i want in on all of the fun. i do believe these wouldn’t be a terrible addition to my spring wardrobe. here’s hoping the h&m sizing gods agree (and at $14.95 they are basically free).

floral pants | h&m

well look at that, another dotted dud (dud as in alternative name for “clothing” not dud as in “what a lame-o”). this maxi dress is yelling my name (literally, i can hear it shouting “shawna! come buy me!” it’s getting kind of annoying to be honest). but i have a sneaking suspicion that it will go on sale if i just sit tight. because we all know that good things come to those who wait, and i’m not just talking in the sartorial sense…

dotted maxi dress | gap

i truly believe that a lady can never have too many pairs of espadrilles, especially living in sandy eggo where we can wear them at least 6-9 months out of the year. so with that said, i think these ones from old navy would be the perfect punch to a simple t-shirt and jeans-outfit.

women's printed cross-over wedges | old navy

and finally i’m like really into shorts right now. mostly on account that zoe hart (aka rachel bilson) rocks them quite frequently on hart of dixie and well, i kind of want to BE her, so anything that will warrant me getting one step closer i will try. but come on, look at these beauts. actually i’ll take the entire outfit please and thank you.

scalloped short | j.crew

now if all of the above items could magically appear in my closet by the time i get home this evening i would be most appreciative. and if not, well let’s all pray for a sale.
but who am i kidding, i pray for that daily.
  • Natalie Lynn Borton
    March 20, 2012

    I just bought that maxi dress in the striped pattern! I’ll let you know if it’s as good as it looks on the website 🙂

    • snadelman
      March 20, 2012

      yay! please do let me know, i am seriously [ ] close to making the polka dot one mine!

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