between speedy and a snail pace

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you know when you’ve been looking forward to something but it feels like it has taken an eternity to get here?

and when it finally does arrive, you kind of don’t believe it’s finally in your midst?

that’s kind of how i feel like about a lot of stuff in my life right now.

especially with regards to my upcoming jaunts on jet planes.

i mean, i feel like i’ve spent most of 2012 wishing it was april already. and then, what do you know, it’s april. and next week i will be heading to the country music capital for a little qt with my bestie from the westie

but that’s the funny thing about timing. we spend countless hours wishing for time to pass at a more rapid pace and then, when we finally land at the specific second whose arrival we’ve been longing for, we all but plead time to return to its snail pace once more.

i’ve been waiting months for this specific snapshot in life’s lens to be in the exact focus it is right now (with regards to this particular trip and well, in general). and now that it has all but made its presence known, i find myself willing time to stop dead in its tracks.

truth is, time will pass whether we ask it to or not. so maybe the real task is locating the balance between wishing it away and pleading it to stay. because if i’m not careful, i’ll blink and it will be christmas again.

so now that’s it’s april…hey time, you can totally go back to inching along, mmk?


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