the cycle of someday

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“it’s the oldest story in the world. one day, you’re 17 and you’re planning for someday. and then quietly, without your ever really noticing, someday is today. and then someday is yesterday. and this is your life.” ~ nathan scott (one tree hill)

i know, i know, who knew nathan scott had such wisdom hiding beneath that baskeball-player-turned-sports-agent exterior? i know i certainly didn’t. but what do you know, he manages to lay a truth bomb on us, doesn’t he?

and regardless of the fact that you may or may not have ever seen an episode of the recently “plug-pulled” cw 20something-drama (because i think there are approximately nine people that stuck it out with the tree hill crew, myself being one of them, don’t worry about it), the above quote holds true.

this weekend i will travel north for a little celebrating of the bachelorette-variety. nothing too crazy, just some girlfriends coming together to shower our bride-to-be (okay, so there may or may not be some hazing, too, i mean, just kidding, who do you think we are?). and i can’t help but think, hey, how in the heck did we get here; to this point in our lives where we’re all (and by “we’re” i mean, the universal “we” as in, those in their mid-to-late 20’s, because last time i looked down at my left ring finger (please don’t freak out, you know who you are), it was you know, vacant) having bachelorette parties, getting gifted waffle irons and lacy lingerie, and you know, having parties where we wear white dresses and pledge our undying devotion to a guy in a penguin suit (what are they called again? oh yes, weddings)?

wasn’t it just last month that i was buying copious amounts of matching pink hangers and shower caddies in preparation for my first semester as a college co-ed? ah yes, that’s right, that was SIX years ago. my bad.

but seriously, i feel like those somedays that i dreamed about (and i have to believe the two bride-to-bes i’m honored enough to stand beside as a bridesmaid this year feel me on this one, too) at 17 (heck at 18, 19, 20 and you know, at [almost] 27) are like HERE. they are my todays. and my yesterdays. and just like nathan so eloquently said, this is my life.

this is my life. this beautiful roller coaster of highs and lows, or tears and triumphs, of love and loss. and these are the lives of my friends, their somedays are almost todays. and that isn’t to say that life only begins with marriage, because garsh, then i’m still in the womb? and if that’s the case, then it is seriously claustrophobic in here and i could use a little fresh air pleaseandthankyou. but i would be remiss in mentioning that it is kind of crazytown to wrap my mind around the fact that these girls (and guys) that i have spent years knowing as a “me” will now be one part of a “we.” a “we” for life. with a fancy new last name and everything.

at 17 we dreamed that our somedays would get here, and right quick. and now ten years later, they’ve finally arrived. and then we’ll blink and they’ll be but a distant memory. and life will continue to unfold (as it tends to do) and we’ll dream up new somedays and pray that their arrival is not far off.

and the cycle will continue.

and as it does, we must take the time along the way to remind ourselves that when those somedays we spent wishing would arrive finally do, well, arrive, to do everything in our power to be present on that day. to take a look around the room and capture the sights and smells and sounds within the deepest caverns of our mind. because those are the moments when we can actually experience life happening around us. the metamorphosis of “someday” into “today.”

i know i’ve had a few of my own “someday” into “today” transformations in the past few weeks. and i can’t help but think that in less than two months, my college bestie of whose final days as a single lady (cue beyonce song) we will be celebrating this weekend, will also see one of her biggest “somedays” emerge as her today. and well, her tomorrow, and every tomorrow after that.

so thanks, nathan scott, for a litte truthspiration.

and for a reminder that while dreaming of our own “somedays” should never cease, if we’re not careful, all of that dreaming just might make us miss the moment when our someday has become our yesterday.

bride = on my left. also, is it football season yet?

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  • Megs
    April 26, 2012

    Me either and you are surrounded by brides…whoa!

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