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in an attempt to organize the cornucopia of musings currently taking up space in the old noodle, i thought i’d let the five senses be my inspiration. so here’s a list of things you should be watching, tasting, smelling, feeling (not emotionally feeling, feeling as in, “hey, come feel this sweater, it’s so soft!”) and listening to. oh and a little story about my sixth sense: spotting celebrities who are obviously trying to have an in cognito saturday evening in hillcrest.

for the eyes:

my guy and i recently watched the first episode of the pitch, a new series on amc that offers audiences an inside look into the dog-eat-dog world of ad agencies and highlights the blood, sweat, tears and countless hours that go into working on and eventually “pitching” a campaign to the world’s top companies. it was fascinating and unlike most reality tv i seem to consume (don’t think i can’t see you rolling your eyes), i didn’t feel horrible about myself after the episode’s completion. what a concept.

also, i volunteered at an event for cotn (children of the nations; also, click on the link and educate yoself). on friday evening and stephen fishwick was a featured performer. if you don’t know who stephen fishwick is, don’t worry, i didn’t either at first. but then i saw him in action and well, i’m not sure how i’ve had gone so long without the knowledge of his talents. to say he has skills would be a crude understatement. what stephen has is an absolutely God-given gift.

for the taste buds:

saturday date night was spent at local habitin the neighborhood of hillcrest. humor me and read my review? (shameless plug). then make a reservation to dine there yourself. no, but seriously, stop what you’re doing and go there now. and then bring me a fudge brownie with raw coconut caramel in a to-go box. kthanksbye.

for the sniffer:

well, because they have YET to invent smell-o-vision or in this case smell-o-[computer] screen (seriously, who do i need to talk to about making this a reality?), you’ll just have to trust that the following items are more than worthy of your nostrils’ time and efforts:

these candles from anthropologie

sizzling bacon (wherever you need to go to find this, my suggestion? any and all breakfast joints, yes, even if  denny’s is your only option.)

fresh popped popcorn (i suggest tracking this down at say, a movie theatre? the avengers made like 8 billion dollars or something this weekend so apparently it’s pretty good, plus hi, robert downey, jr. just continues to age like a fine wine.)

sauteed garlic (this may be a bit tougher to find, but i think most italian restaurants and/or pizza joints have this on lock down.)

or maybe just visit your local grocery store as most food tends to smell pretty delicious. except old fish.

for the ears:

miss L gets ALL of the credit for turning me on to this one. move over ron weasley, i have a new favorite ginger british import. his name is ed sheeran and currently, his song “give me love” is featured in the background as bikini-clad victoria’s secret models romp around the beach in their 30-second tv ads. but you know, i prefer to watch this version instead (though i’m sure my male readership may disagree):


and finally, for the bod (because i couldn’t decide on how else to classify the “touch” category):

i can’t seem to get enough wear out of these pants from lululemon (spoiler alert: these aren’t the exact ones i own but apparently my favs are no longer available in stores so i’m going to venture and say that these are the next best thing) and these sweaters from j.crew outlet.

and now, for my sixth sense (except without haley joel osment and bruce willis). while dining at local habit on saturday, in addition to stuffing my face with everything that so graced our table, i also had my first celeb spotting in a very long while. out of the the corner of my eye, i casually watched a family of three get up from their table near the back of the restaurant. also seated with the husband, wife, and their newborn(ish) baby was the executive chef and co-owner, whose acquaintance i had made earlier as he hand-delivered our first coupling of entrees (it pays to be treated like a VIP). upon taking in the features of the tall brunette (see also, the husband), i was certain i had seen his mug before. no, not because i had accidentally stalked his and his wife’s engagement photos on a wedding photographer’s blog (wouldn’t have been the first time, whoops) but because this guy was actually famous. or at least semi-famous. i mean, he obviously wasn’t tom hanks or george clooney or some other immediately recognizable actor that any average joe (or josephine) would be able to pick out despite the humble locale. but to someone who a) watches a lot of television and b) again, seems to have a sixth sense when it comes to just knowing that a nearby passerby has an imdb account and/or wikipedia page, i knew there was something special about this dude aside from his objective good looks.

[and cue me doing an immediate overview of my entire celeb-knowledge inventory while the gent and his family sauntered past our table and out of the restaurant entirely. this process looks eerily similar to when you do a “search” of your entire computer hard drive for a document whose file home you just can’t seem to remember].

and then i had it. it was ryan, amelia’s now deceased junkie boyfriend from private practice. and jensen, the veteranarian sometimes love interest of zoe hart in hart of dixie.

and i imbd’ed it to confirm. the in-person face and the face in the photograph were a match! the sixth sense does it again.

but because one can never be too sure, when the executive chef came around to our table a second time, we wasted no time settling the issue with him. “so, that guy that was sitting at your table, he’s an actor, isn’t he?”

never had i been so bold to just come out and ask someone if their table companion is also the proud owner of a SAG card. welp, there’s a first time for everything, isn’t there?

and in between chuckles, the chef confirmed my suspicions; adding that he, wes brown, was a childhood friend who frequented the restaurant when he was in town.

and just like that validation station. and i may or may not have clapped-slash-fist pumped in excitement over the fact that my sixth sense had served me well, yet again.

some people’s additional sense allows them to speak with the dead or predict a sudden change in the weather. mine? it simply allows me to be even creepier than i already am and detect celebs who are probably just trying to enjoy a quiet evening out with their family and friends.

and i wouldn’t have it any other way.


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