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all my bags are packed, i’m ready to go…

so i’m leaving on a jet plane (i mean it’s been almost two months since i’ve traveled so you know, i’m totally overdue for a trip -please tell me you can tell i’m using my sarcastic font…) tomorrow morning, en route to northern cali for my sweet m’s nuptials. that’s right, after around 5 pee-em pacific standard time on saturday evening, m is going to be a sadie, sadie MARRIED lady. and you know, i just couldn’t be happier for her if i tried.

i mean, i feel as though we all (at least us gals) have a love/hate relationship with being given the bridesmaid title. mostly love, of course, and maybe ONLY hate for the fact that occasionally (if we aren’t already betrothed) it serves to remind us that we are one dress closer to becoming katherine heigl (a la 27 dresses). but pity party aside, it really is a huge honor to bestow upon your near and dear.

i don’t take lightly the fact that i have been chosen to stand beside a sister or three (and two more make five) as they whisper their eternal vows of devotion to their long-awaited prince. and i will equally be as careful in selecting the my own maids when that day comes for yours truly. it’s more than a dress and showers and even a final fling before the ring (not an actual fling, rather “fling” as in a bridal party getaway getaway preferibly to a spa or some other destination of relaxation and overall bliss). it is about being the best dang support system you can be for a lady who is about to embark on life’s next adventure.

so congratulations to the future mrs. [dedacted]. let’s eat, drink, and get you married!


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