all in a weekend’s work

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aims for the weekend (in no particular order):

  • avoid pulling a hammy (or any muscle for that matter) slash avoid dying on my first run in over nine months
  • try to look at least semi-attractive on said run (hey, a girl can dream)
  • oh yeah, try not to embarrass my boyfriend also on said run (“oh that girl? yep, never met her”)
  • successfully cook salmon en papillote (just a fancy way to say “in parchment paper”) without a) burning down the house b) making the house smell like sea world before burning it down and c) giving us food poisoning
  • share excerpts from the book (yes, people, we are back in business, dear ex, thank you, love me is officially being revisited and i must say i’m quite enthused) with the boy without either having a breakdown or scaring him into thinking i’m a crazy person (it may or may not be too late for that)
  • eat everything in sight (because it’s comped and who doesn’t love a free meal?) at our fancy schmancy date night at la jolla’s acclaimed the steakhouse at azul
  • emerge from my hair appointment as a stunning goddess with flowing strawberry blonde locks (fine, we can scratch the goddess part, i just want my highlights to look good, k?)
  • do laundry

if nothing else i think i can at least accomplish the last item pretty handily.

i hope y’all have a fabulous 48-hour work-free vacay. be safe and i’ll see you back here first thing monday morning, i’ll be the one wearing, well, let’s be honest, probably pants and a striped shirt.

love you, mean it.

i don’t know who leah is, but i agree with her whole-heartedly.


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