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the boyf and i saw this trailer a couple of months ago during the previews for, actually i can’t for the life of me remember the movie we were seeing (truth be told the previews are our favorite part!) at the time…maybe wrath of the titans? anyway, not even a few moments into watching images of bradley cooper’s mug flash across the screen did my guy lean over and whisper that this movie was right up my alley. i mean, a story about a struggling writer trying to land his big break? yep, sounds about right.

don’t get me wrong, i’m not saying that i’m looking to steal a manuscript in order to achieve fame and fortune, more so implying, i am anxious to see the portrayal of how exactly it works -“this whole writing, getting published, gaining notiarity and eventually enjoying a flourishing writing career” thing.

plus i feel as though bradley cooper is oftentimes overlooked as a legitimate actor seeing as he’s probably most well known for his work in hangover and wedding crashers. i mean, obviously those were all-star performances, but you know, not winning him any academy awards any time soon. so i’m kind of pumped for him to have a more serious role (you know, like he had in limitless which i actually haven’t seen, but plan on very soon) and the rest of the cast ain’t too shabby either. so yeah, i just have this feeling that this movie is going to be one that i really really enjoy.

i have seen a lot of fabulous movies over the years. i’ve seen a lot of not so great ones, too. i tend to go for the romcoms, or just the coms (comedies, that abbreviation doesn’t translate as well), and i try to balance those out with the occasional blockbuster action flick, too. but other than that, i hardly see one that is more dramatic in nature. mostly because, well to be completely honest, sometimes i don’t want to have to think that hard or invest too much emotion during my cinematic viewing experience. sometimes i just want to be enthused by mindless entertainment.

but for this one, i think i’ll make the exception.


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