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marie: i’m looking for a book…something that can help me deal with what might be an awkward situation. something funny might be nice, but not something necessarily big ‘ha, ha, ha,’ ‘laugh, laugh, laugh’ funny, and certainly not make-fun-of-other-people funny but rather something human-funny. and, uh, if it could sneak up on you, surprise you, and at the same time make you think that what you thought wasn’t only right, in a wrong kind of way, but when you’re wrong, there’s a certain rightness in your wrongness… well, what i mean is, more importantly, i’m looking to be swept up! and then at the same time, not.

dan: well, you rarely find that all in one book.


we watched dan in real life this weekend. a repeat venture for him and the inaugural session for me.

i loved everything about this movie. steve carrel is highly underrated as a dramatic actor and dane cook is essentially dane cook in every role he plays.but more than that, this is a film about family and circumstances and love (it’s also a LOT about dan, too). it has some fabulous one-liners and even more poignant quotes, like the one listed above. i highly recommend it.

[edited to add: apparently after reading some of the reviews on this movie, there are quite polarizing opinions. some people enjoyed the twist in plot line, others very much did not. so take my comments with a grain of salt, i suppose. i’m also the one whose favorite movie is mighty ducks 2, so you know, a regular ebert over here] 0

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