tribute to a weekend: shawna in real life

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please see previous post to make sense of the title. if you have not read the previous post (about the movie dan in real life starring steve carell as dan in, you know, real life) i realize that perhaps this post title will not make sense. maybe you should just go back and read the previous post. because in an effort to perpetually be witty, i oftentimes fail a time or twelve. this may be one of those said times. my apologies in advance.

anyway, per usual, this weekend was equal parts packed to the gills and altogether fabulous. there were movies watched, veggies roasted (duh), special moments shared, wild animal parks visited, friends celebrated, church services attended (and sermons taken to heart!) and parents loved on. and of course, a few too many trips to starbucks.

the boy and i spent a few hours sweating it out touring the grounds of the san diego safari park (i’m using its technical name but i’m not happy about it) on saturday afternoon and despite the fact that many of the animals had the right idea about seeking shade in the midst of the “it’s summer in escondido” heat (i.e. they were not out and about and available for viewing-slash-picture taking), we had a lovely time. and in case you don’t believe me, we photographical evidence of the loveliness (please note that the goats seen and pet in the park’s petting zoo were not photographed out of respect of sistah’s debilitating fear of said barn yard resident. i love you too much to do that to you, obviously).

surveying his domain.

celebs, they’re just like us! they drink ice water while balancing on a turtle shell.


though the specific events of this weekend were pretty standard with regards to how we usually spend our mini vacay from work each week (except for the whole wild animal visiting thing), this particular 48ish hours spent with my guy just felt more special (see also: specialer). y’all, he’s a good one. i mean the fact that he’s put up with me for the past three months (and four days, but who’s counting? that’s right I AM because we have a record for longest courtship ladies and gents), earns him those accolades alone. this now concludes one of the mushiest posts ever. i know, and i’m sorry.

a mushy one for the road.


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