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i know what you’re thinking, ANOTHER morning and not a daily outfit post to be seen. i know, i feel terrible. if you’re really keeping track, yesterday i wore those neon pink khakis and my black & white polka dot top and today i’m wearing my patriotic j.crew pants and a navy lace tee. but probably more thrilling than the aforementioned ensembles is my reasoning for their lack of photographical documentation…

i’m on a stay-cation, y’all!

that’s right, for a few days this week, i’m assisting little j in her house-sitting endeavors at her bf’s la jolla abode. i mean, let me just set the scene for you. last night we took a twilight beach stroll in la jolla shores before preparing (and then consuming) a most delicious trader joe’s-inspired meal. and this morning i was aroused from my sweet slumber (i want to personally high five whoever invented the memory foam mattress pad) by the sounds of sea lions barking in the distance. #beachpeopleproblems right?

oh and did i mention i had a six-minute commute this morning? SIX MINUTES, PEOPLE.

i don’t know whether the decision to accompany little j for the week was a really good one or a really bad one because now that i’ve tasted the sweet fruits of living almost beach side in la jolla shores, i’m not sure i can ever make the trek eastward again (of course i will be able to, i have a mortgage to pay, obviously).

so if you need to find me for the next few days, look to the coast. i’ll be the one living it up in a beach side bungalow, savoring every minute of this stay-cation.

this week’s alarm clock.


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