grandma rose knows best

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though i’m pretty sure some would argue this (cough, my boyfriend, cough), i really do enjoy exercising. so maybe my workouts are in a ballet studio and not out on the pavement or in a fluorescent lit gym, but rest assured, my muscles are getting plenty of stretching, toning and lifting four to five days a week. because workouts are like flavors of ice cream, everyone has their favorite (in case we’re keeping track here, my favorite flavor of ice cream isn’t actually an ice cream, it’s this crazy substance sold at sprouts. i prefer the vanilla maple variety and have been known to visit upward of three grocery stores in its pursuit) and that’s okay because as long as you’re logging some amount of time getting your burn on, on a pretty consistent basis, you’re good.

but there are some exercises, in particular, that will do you no good, no matter the effort you put into them. for one, i’m pretty sure that ab cruncher machine at the gym does nothing. i mean, you look really intense while you’re on it, especially if you’ve loaded on a bunch of weight, but again, i think you’re better off sticking to those good old fashioned crunches.

but actually the exercises of which i reference aren’t exercises in the fitness sense at all.

my grandma gave my mom and article this week she had found in her local paper, and in turn my mom shared it with me as well this morning. it is titled “wisdom from grandma rose (which funny enough is my grandma’s nickname for me -not the grandma part,just the rose part)” and includes a list of “exercises that do you no good” compliments of the author’s 90-year-old granny.

i give you said list:

climbing the walls
dragging your feet
jumping to conclusions
spinning your wheels
jumping the gun
passing the buck
kicking yourself
stretching the truth
running amok

pretty clever, pretty sassy (i have to believe at 90, she’s all sorts of sassy) and a pretty darn good reminder that sometimes “exercising” can in fact, be bad thing for your health.

don’t you dare take that out of context and quote me on that.

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  • Teresa
    August 2, 2012

    Had to laugh – I’m great at all those ‘bad’ exercises. Wonderfully clever… I think I’ll share them. “Thank you” to your grandma Rose.

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