a hairy situation

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considering the fact that my boyfriend has had to up the regularity of his vacuuming due to significant lock-shedding from yours truly (what? finding long strawberry-blond hairs embedded in your carpet and between your toes in the morning isn’t endearing?) and well, the fact that i’m [  this  ] to chopping it all off out of sheer frustration of its “i can’t decide if i’m wavy or straight” tendencies, i have decided to take action.

because sometimes mother nature needs a little kick in the pants to get things going again. and if i can’t achieve those mary kate olsen mermaid locks that i so long for (pun intended!),

stop being so mermaidy, mk.

or those hairs that i rocked quite well some nine years ago as a senior year in high school (man i miss that hair) on my own account, perhaps those follicles need supplementation. and since extensions sound just really painful, expensive, and from what i hear, extremely itchy, i’ll go with plan m; m for maxi-hair vitamins, which provide nourishment for not only your hair, but your skin and nails, too! the pills are essentially the size of a small baby, but choking them down means i’ll be giving ariel a run for her money before christmas, then by all means, bring on the horse pills.

something tells me i’ll be needing to pluck my eyebrows and cut my nails more frequently than i do as of late, but i’d say that’s a small price to pay for having pantene pro-v quality locks. here goes nothing!

work your magic, little guys!


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