hooray for tar-jeh

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have you checked out the target tumblr yet?

you really should.

because in scrolling through you would find outfit gems like this:

what’s that polka dot sweater? you want to come live in my closet?

and this:

i mean, can we please make “touche with my bustier” the latest catchphrase?

and this one for the gent in your life:

monochromatic manly.

i haven’t decided if this recent tumblr discovery is a blessing or a curse. i mean, target manages to squeeze enough money out of the bank account of yours truly, but where else can you pick up a cute new fall outfit while buying floss and dish-washing soap?

at any rate, after eyeing that pink polka dot sweater, i’m probably going to make a little pit stop to the good old bulls eye on my way home from work tonight.

well played, target, well played.


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