target whoopsies & floral jeans

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have you heard of a target whoopsies?

it’s a highly technical term in which a person (i.e. me) has a few moments to kill before her bible study and decides to kill said minutes perusing her neighborhood target store (“perusing” being the key word here; see also: no intention on buying the objects of her perusal) only to walk out minutes later with a bag full of miscellaneous items that may or may not be completely frivolous in nature (but i did really need that mascara).

i’m going to blame a portion of my most recent tw (target whoopsies) on the entrance of floral jeans into the fashion world. in a moment of “why not? i’m just browsing,” i snatched a pair of flower-adorned denim off the racks (along with a few other pairs of skinny jeans, which, bee-tee-dub, if purchased in the junior department, should be sized up like EIGHT sizes) and ventured into the dressing room for my own little personal runway show. never one to make a fashion decision purely on my own instincts (i love a second opinion, even if it stems from the stranger beside me sharing the mirror as we both try on hats -no that’s not hypothetical, that actually happened last night, too), once encased in those rose-petaled pant-legs, i snapped a photo of my reflection in the mirror and sent it to the boy (he’s the one who’s going to have to be seen with me in these crazy pants) with the question, “i mean, how do we feel about floral jeans?”

gratuitous target dressing room shot.

“if anyone could pull them off, it would be you!”

flattery will get you EVERYWHERE, sir.

but really, at $20, they were just kind of too good to pass up. and sure, they’re a little big in the waist, but again, at $20, that’s nothing that a belt and maybe trip through the dryer on high heat can’t fix, right?

and therein lies the danger of target whoopsies, not only can they strike any time of day and at any of the dozens of san diego locations, but they can also cause you to irrationally justify the fact that your wardrobe will remain incomplete without the addition of some great flowered pants (even if they are a size too big).

so the next time you find yourself walking out of target with a bag full of goodies that you had absolutely intention of purchasing prior to your entrance into the infamous bulls-eyed store, and perhaps your spouse or parent or other judgey person inquires as to why exactly you felt the need to donate such a large amount of funds to said retailer, simply blame it on that inexplicable phenomenon that i so lovingly refer to as…

a target whoopsies.

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  • Nicole
    August 16, 2012

    I mean what well intentioned girl in need of a birthday card or some deodorant (yes I went there) hasn’t had a case of the target whoopsies? That’s why the Women’s clothes are right inside the door of EVERY target!!! Because who isn’t enticed by a new sweater, some floral jeans (well not me but to each their own), and a cute scarf/belt/hat? I love that you gave it a name for the next time I am walking through the store with my arms overflowing with goodies due to the fact that I didn’t get a basket or cart because I just need some cat food!!!! And a dog toy….and a new outfit….and those shoes!!! And oh I love that movie!

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