a whale of a fear

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if you know me (and you should by now), you are well aware of my crippling fear of whales. the humpback and blue variety, in particular, and further still, especially when they are breaching.

well, i’m not sure if the state of california is out to get me or what, but just this morning, i was sent the following video:

which i immediately regretted watching almost moments after i pushed play as i was literally sweating and near convulsing by the video’s end (you think i’m kidding, ask my co-workers).

and then someone posted this article with the accompanying photo on facebook:

my. worst. nightmare.

and it was confirmed, the great golden state has something against yours truly (both incidents happened in cali, if that wasn’t clear).

i mean, you may find these creatures majestic or breathtaking or [insert awe-inspiring adjective here].

but you would be severely mistaken.

these creatures are terrifying. go ahead, watch the video again, i’ll wait.


sometimes when i explain my phobia of whales i am met with perplexed eyebrow raises and “you can’t be serious?” smirks. because right, WHO is scared of whales?

i am, that’s who. and while i can’t really quantify why exactly i have been fortunate enough to foster said fear (please note my sarcasm), at least now i have the above videographic evidence to back my case.

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