the birth of “wait, i need that” wednesdays

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sometimes and by “sometimes” i mean every day that ends in “y,” i window shop online. nine times out of ten, the purchases never make it out of my cyber-space shopping cart, because despite popular opinion i am not growing a money tree in my backyard (i couldn’t even do that seeing as i don’t actually have a backyard and have the opposite of a green thumb). but don’t think that the lack of funds makes me turn off my grand affections toward said items, i’m not a machine, people, i can’t just turn off my emotions like that.

so to alleviate the pain of not just having them spontaneously appear in my closet, i am going to post them here. because if i can’t seem to justify the purchase at this point in time, perhaps you can. and if that’s the case then be sure to get it in my size so i can totally borrow it, mmk?

so this is more of an unrealistic want rather than a need, per se, but come on, look at it.

sequin color block top & cheetah brocade pencil skirt.

more realistic apparel aspirations might include this jacket:

railroad stripe military jacket | gap

these jeggings in mulberry:

1969 ankle zip legging jeans in mulberry | gap

and this necklace:

chevron strand | baublebar

lucky for me (or for you?), gap is currently offering 25% off your purchase with the promo code: GAPLIST and my beloved j.crew is offering 30% off all red prices on their final sale & factory items with the promo code: LOVEIT (spoiler alert? i used it this afternoon and now have three shirts headed my way in three to six business days).

anyway, i hope you (and your wallet) are as pumped about this new blog feature as i am. because wednesdays shouldn’t just be for wearing pink, they should be about giving your closet inhabitants (monsters included) a few more friends to play with.


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