a “me” reminder

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i mean, hi, i’m still here (you thought i had moved and didn’t provide a forwarding address, didn’t you? never!). i know i’ve missed me here, too (i still managed to post daily outfits, so it’s not like i was completely absent).

but like most things in life, writing inspiration comes in ebbs and flows. sometimes it’s a deluge, and other times, not so much. but i can’t not write at all, i mean, that would be like me saying, you know, i just really don’t see what all the fuss is about with the trader joe’s store (i shudder at the thought). so despite my lack of inspiration during these times of drought, i show myself a little tough love and strongly encourage that i pen something (anything!) just to get the ball rolling once more.

so that’s what i’m doing. ready ball? i’m going to give you a little nudge.

i noticed something this weekend. an intangible quality and one a bit arduous to explain, but one i’d be foolish to deny. it was a familiarity, a sense of “hey, i remember you” despite its absence for what has seemed like an indeterminable amount of time.

on a much-welcomed fall-like saturday, i met a friend for the most important meal of the day. and while the breakfast itself (warm oats -as if i would order anything else) and the company of a treasured confidant were enough to warm my soul, i think the aspect that brought the most comfort was the location of the meal itself. honey’s bistro, a place where i’ve broken bread (obviously not literally, but it sounds so poetic) with many a friend and family member alike and a place that never ceases to present a familiar face. a place that one step through its doors, simply feels right.

and it’s hard to explain the frivolous attachment i have to a restaurant of all things, but i mean, if i tried to quantify my irrational loves (and fears) for most things in my life, well, i would probably need to start another blog to house it all.

so instead, i’ll simply say this:

it’s important to remind ourselves of the things we hold most dear. that when life gets busy and schedules get filled and when things begin to feel more foreign than familiar, to go back to the source of what makes us happy and what makes us feel like, well, feel like us. for me, it’s a visit to honey’s bistro between streets e & f in downtown encinitas. it’s a warm bowl of oatmeal and access to unlimited coffee and maybe a “i’m so glad you’re here” from the manager, too. it’s observing my fellow patrons as they go about their day, and experiencing a fortuitous run-in or three from a childhood friend. it’s all of that and more all packaged up in a neat little building. and it’s a feeling that i think i’d like to dedicate a bit more time in fostering, too.

so whatever your “me” reminder is, dedicate a bit more time to it this week, this month, this (fast-moving) year. and if you ever want to impose upon my “me” reminder at honey’s, by all means, i would love the company.


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