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chances are if you’re friends with me, and you’re married (that should actually read, “chances are if you’re friends with me, (COMMA) YOU’RE MARRIED) i’ve been a third wheel with you and your gent (or lady) a time or twelve. in fact, you’ve probably even treated me to dinner (and for that i say THANK YOU) because it’s just easier than splitting the bill into 2/3. but regardless of the abundance of free meals, i genuinely don’t mind being the tricycle to your bike and well, if i may go so far as to say,

i think i’ve perfected the art quite well.

because, let’s be honest, i’ve had years of experience being the third wheel to the greatest two-wheeler i’ve ever known.

my parents.

or to take artistic license to my good friend, fitty (50 cent for those not down with the vernacular), “ppppppp p unit.”

the p unit. my rents. pretty much my favorite people in the world.

and this weekend, i was able to put my third-wheeling skills to fabulous use as i was fortunate enough to spend about 3/4 of my weekend at my childhood abode.

sure, the fortuitous family-filled weekend might have initially been the product of the outrageous temperatures currently holding our perfect 72-degree weather hostage and the fact that those temperatures all but spontaneously transform my sweet little condo haven into a convection oven (mom: “it’s much cooler at our house, do you want to come spend the night?” me: “um, YES please.”), but regardless, it might have been the first time, in well, maybe almost six months, that i made the conscious decision to spend my work-free moments with the ones i hold most dear.

and i mean, it was wonderful.

if only for the delicious home-made dinners and unlimited bottles of flavored sparkling water. and aside from waking up early to go to church on sunday, it was equally as amazing for the almost eight-hours of uninterrupted football-watching time (sorryi’mnotsorry) and couch-occupying (positioned directly in front of the fan, thankyouverymuch) that transpired, too.

just kidding, the reason this weekend in particular was both necessary and enriching for my soul was the fact that i just flat out have the best time ever with these two. when life gets weird and stuff no longer seems to make sense, they’re simply there to be my safe place. my home.

so cheers to my p unit. i love y’all so much.

hi, can it be fall again please? this is a great outfit.


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