what happens in vegas

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…should probably just stay there.

but since i had this witty idea for recounting my [just outside of] sin-city adventures, i’ve decided to bring back at least a few stories. and by stories, i mean, my own version of glamour magazine’s infamous “hey, it’s okay” article.

hey, it’s okay to skip out early on the welcome reception to order room service, change into pj’s and watch the primetime emmy awards:

hey, it’s okay to match your necklace to your hair color on the first day of conference (it’s also okay to take photos of yourself in the hotel’s bathroom mirror):

hey, it’s okay to consider a romper appropriate cocktail attire for a fancy schmancy progressive dinner at a nearby country club:

hey, it’s okay to mix stripes and paisley on day two of conference (also totally okay to take photos of yourself in the hotel’s bathroom mirror for a second time, and i must say, it really is a lovely mirror):

hey, it’s okay to insist that your day starts like this:

and finally,

hey, it’s okay to realize that you might have gotten more out of conference on a personal level than on a professional one.

(also, yes, even despite nightly room service and not one, not two, but the six down pillows on my king-sized bed, i’m really quite tickled to be home).


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