(grand)daddy’s girl

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he would have been 86 today. 86 years young. but instead, he’s probably polishing off a gallon of vanilla ice cream in his lay-z-boy recliner before settling in for the afternoon with a civil war era history book and a nap. just another perfect day in heaven.

it has been seven years since poppa left us and man do i miss him.

some people are daddy’s girls. i was a granddaddy’s girl. poppa taught me how to tie my shoes. he took me on bike rides around the neighborhood and to balboa island to feed the ducks (and to feed ourselves with a treat from dad’s sweet shop). he even crafted me a wooden doll house by hand that would make any barbie the most popular gal on the block. he was a rough and tumble man’s man, but with a heart of gold. he loved jelly beans, skiing, the banjo, and his girls (he was quite out-numbered).

his hands were cracked from years of wear, but they were always gentle enough to hold mine.

i’ll forever be his rose, and he, my poppa.

so happy birthday, grandpa. i love you to the moon and miss you everyday.

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  • Teresa
    October 3, 2012

    That was wonderful. Thank you for sharing those tender, touching moments.

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