eat, drink & (watch your best friend) get married

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sometimes you just fall into a friendship. all it takes is one instance, one shared laugh, or in our case, a few shared snarky comments at a sorority meeting, and suddenly you can’t recall a time when you weren’t calling each other to discuss love, life, and everything in between.

if you could draw up the most perfect combination of free spirit and southern belle, it would be C. she is stupid talented at most anything artistic or linguistic in nature and her passion for humanity and social justice could fuel a revolution. she’s absolutely hilarious and the kind of pretty that makes you kind of want to hate her, but you can’t because she doesn’t even realize how pretty she is (you also can’t hate her because she’s just really awesome in general).

basically she’s the best. and she’s one of MY best (friends). and she’s marrying HER best (friend) this weekend. a man i actually met on one of my visits to see her in her home in savannah prior to them dating, and a man i knew was so much more than merely a “good guy friend.”

turns out my instinct was right. they began a relationship soon thereafter and duh, he liked it so much, he eventually put a ring on it (it’s a really really pretty ring at that).

so armed with my bridesmaid dress and sparkle shoes (and enough clothes to outfit me for much longer than my four-day stay), i’m boarding a plane this evening to the land of sweet tea, peaches, and paula deen for a weekend of eat(ing), drink(ing) and be(ing) merry/married. and i mean, i really just can’t wait.

  • Teresa
    October 4, 2012

    Be safe… have fun… and, love the striped top!

  • Lindsay
    October 8, 2012

    LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this post! From the pictures I saw of FB, it was a beautiful wedding with the MOST beautiful bride! Your description of Miss Charlotte as “the most perfect combination of free spirit and southern belle” is spot-on! She is the best! Hope you had a delightful time celebrating that sweet southern (DG) belle and staying in my favorite part of the country – the Southeast!! Oh, Savannah. 🙂

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