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from 6 things that are not worthy of your jealousy:

6. The perceived happiness of someone else.
Unless you know someone, there is really no way of telling how sweet their life actually is. There is nothing to be gained from assuming that someone you don’t actually know is living a perfect life and is incredibly happy. Even if the person is actually as content and flawless as we imagine them to be, their joy effects our own lives not at all. And chances are high that we’re just imagining their perfection, and they have just as many problems and disappointments and frustrations as the rest of us. In fact, they are probably jealous of someone else. At some point, we have to stop the cycle and understand that envy — when not transformed into healthy motivation — is an emotion that, in the end, only eats away at the person who harbors it.

this. a reminder when the green-eyed monster rears her ugly head.


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