dark skies, full hearts

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after back-to-back weekends of gallivanting in cities other than my own (#firstworldproblems), i was quite looking forward to a quiet two-day work-vacay at home. and when the weatherman (see also: my iPhone weather app) predicted sub-seventy degree temps, cloudy, with a chance of meatballs sprinkles, i may or may not have done a few chandler-inspired happy dances in celebration.

and while the aforementioned details would have made this past weekend a successful endeavor in its own right, the fact that its contents left my heart full enough to make the arrival of monday not so an unwelcomed guest, well, i’d say that the twentieth and twenty-first days of october deserve much more than a chandler-dance, if you ask me. which is why i’ve also managed to give them copious amounts of high fives, fist pumps, and hugs, too.

as i alluded to on friday, this weekend was primarily focused around the four “f’s” -fitness, families, friendies, and duh, FOOD. little did i know that it would also focus around fashion and fortuitous run-ins, too.

after a last minute friday evening trip to h&m had proved more successful than originally thought (if you must know, a mustard colored circle-scarf, navy & white peplum top, and green sweater were among my finds), i was still nursing bit of a credit card-induced coma when i arose from my slumber early saturday morning. but with a full day of eating, chatting, and fall-weather loving before me, i quickly pushed away my feelings of buyer’s remorse (truth be told, there was no remorse, well, maybe only for the fact that i didn’t get that sweater in more than one color), slapped on a clean pair of lululemon crops and headed out to face the day.

first stop, pure barre for a little saturday morning lifting, tucking, and burning. if momma was on a culinary tour of the north county coast, she best get in her exercise for the day. an hour and a few muscles tauter later, i was on my way to meet one of my favorite SFCers at my favorite breakfast spot. though the skies insisted on spitting on us for most of the duration of our al fresco meal, we paid no mind as almost two months of life’s happenings kept us quite occupied over the course of our hour plus stay. and while you’re probably sick of me telling you that i have been privileged enough to reconnect with some pretty stellar humans of my past over the course of these last twoish years or so, this is my blog and i’ll say what i’d like please and thank you. so yes, i’m going to remind you again about how blessed i feel to have had the opportunity to reestablish and/or grow and cultivate a few friendships from my years at 838 academy drive. and maybe our deep-rooted history deserves the credit, or perhaps it’s simply the passage of almost a decade’s time and how its passing has also ushered in a level of maturity and self-awareness that allows for such symbiotic bonds to exist outside the drama of high school politics, but whatever the reason, i am eternally grateful. like the kind of grateful that makes your heart swell. the kind of grateful that makes your soul-tank full. and the kind of grateful that makes you just plain excited to be one small part of this crazy world.

from oatmeal and acai bowls and convicting (in a good way) conversation, i tended to a little eyebrow grooming (no need to elaborate on that one) before making a pit stop for an outfit change at the ‘rents’ abode. then it was off to make a TSM (through social media) bestie into an IRL (in real life) bestie at haggo’s tacos; the CUTEST little organic taco shop in all of leucadia (and arguably all of san diego and maybe parts of arizona and nevada, too). at the risk of this sounding slightly creepy (but not too far fetched for this creeper extraordinaire), B and i actually met at a mutual friend’s party last fall. however we’ve just chosen to foster our friendship through instagram, facebook, and blog-reading (instead of actual human contact), which, for 2012, is not even that weird, so take your judgey eyes somewhere else. ANYWAY, we met and quickly deduced that our mutual fondness for each other extended far beyond filtered photographs and facebook “likes.” in fact, it’s safe to say, i’m kind of obsessed with her. i mean, in a TOTALLY non-stalkerish kind of way, but yeah, if the fact that we chatted non-stop for two hours straight and eventually closed the taco shop down for the day doesn’t convince you of the instantaneousness of our bestiedom, then, i don’t know what will (matching tattoos? calm down, that didn’t happen, but we DO have matching bubble necklaces…).

and if my heart wasn’t already at its capacity, this afternoon encounter certainly had it runneth over. i’m not even certain it’s legal to have so much goodness packed into a five-hour period.

anyway, while visions of organic veggie-filled tacos danced in my head, i made a sophomoric trip to the forum (twice in less than 24 hours? i mean, let’s stop pretending we’re surprised) for a little ann taylor loft perusing. in all honesty, i wouldn’t have made such an unnecessary apparel adventure if not for the 20% off coupon my dear mother had forwarded me via email a mere minutes beforehand. i mean, those red pants weren’t going to buy themselves now, were they? but when pants fit and fit you well, you buy them. you just do. plus i wasn’t the only one taking advantage of the price-slashed pantaloons that day as i spotted yet another former SFCer on a fortuitous shopping trip of her own. not only was it great to spend a few moments catching up on life, it was just nice to have a partner-in-crime in my money-spending ways.

finally, at the risk of purchasing something at the black hole that is anthropologie (that wasn’t on sale or reasonably priced), i begrudgingly pointed the elantra homeward bound and she happily obliged. while plans for dinner turned into a quiet evening at home, i found comfort in the thought of a saturday evening to myself (and by “myself” i mean an evening with zoe hart, wade kinsella, and george tucker (the cast of hart of dixie) and whoever was on the receiving end of my text messages, too). dinner, a shower, and the lullaby of raindrops to put me to sleep were just the components needed to cap off a near-perfect day.

with call-time for church at a much later an hour on this particular sunday, i gave my alarm clock a rest and allowed my body clock instead to be the source of my departure from slumberland. turns out, my body clock is a comedian because i awoke 30 minutes before my “just in case” alarm anyway. oh well, what better way to make use of the extra hours of consciousness than by taking in the previous night’s recording of saturday night live? turns out, bruno mars is kind of a double threat -a great host AND musical guest. i mean, let’s not be too generous, he’s no justin timberlake, but you know, he was thoroughly enjoyable. and if you missed it because you insist on thinking that SNL hasn’t been good since fallon and ferrel left, well, you’re partially right, but you still have hader and sudekis, and SETH MEYERS, so not all is lost. and sometimes you’re handed gems like this.

so after i mouthed a “well done, bruno” to the tv at episode’s end, i figured it was probably time to make myself church-ready. and by church-ready, i mean i was going to FULLY embrace the seattle-esque (hardly, but you know, a gal can dream) weather and not only wear a SWEATER but boots, too! i know, watch out. oh, and i was going to actually put on makeup today.

at this point, i should tell you that i have recently been asked the reasoning for my lack of outfit posts on non-work days (aka weekends). and while i certainly wouldn’t want to deprive any of you of such sartorial (i can’t not use this words, guys, it’s becoming a problem) gems, more often than not the ensembles donned during that 48-hour period encompass either spandex, lycra, and/or a baseball cap in some degree and well, other than my fellow pure barrers and okay, i suppose half of north county, no one needs to see that. but i suppose there are other occasions when i actually get my hurr did or put on makeup or attend an event that warrants more than simply a pair of black stretchy pants and a striped j.crew sweatshirt, and perhaps for that reason alone, it should be documented. so i present to you a consolation for my lack of photos to accompany the laundry list of aforementioned items as well as my lack of photos of the weekend-variety for the past, well, two years. plus, i mean, i just really love this outfit:

and to the gent that called me out on this one, you’re welcome (though this photo is old news to you by now). and well, thank YOU for encouraging me to share my weekend wears every so often. consider my game stepped up.

so clad in my floral jeans and frye boots, i made my way out east for a planned reunion of sorts with a church family whose company i have certainly missed over the past two months. and if my heart’s tank had dipped below “at capacity” levels overnight, it was certainly refilled by service’s end. because though circumstance has changed the frequency of my attendance, it has by no means taken away the fact that the bonds i established and fostered for five month’s time have maintained their unshakable foundation. and being united once more with these amazing individuals reminded me that maybe “home” can exist in more than one zip code. at least i’d like to think so.

and after my heart had been replenished once more, it was time to do the same for my belly. so a fortunate few and i caravanned over to my other favorite restaurant (because going to honey’s twice in one weekend would be excessive, right?), urban plates. and there we occupied as many tables as the restaurant would allow, dined on delicious cuisine, and took turns razzing each other and belly laughing while the skies continued to cry saline tears. this, followed by the coffee date to follow, AND the sunset dinner at ki’s with the best bicycle this third wheel could ask for (aka my parents) were just icing on the gluten-free cake that was my weekend.

and that’s apparently what a lazy weekend at home looks like. i mean, honestly, i have no idea whose social life i’m living right now, because it certainly isn’t what i’m accustomed to. but before someone gets privy to this sudden increase in popularity, i best take full advantage of it. if that wasn’t ever a humble brag…

and in case i haven’t told you today or recently for that matter, i really appreciate you. yes, you.

and also? you are so loved.

dark skies, full hearts, can’t lose.

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  • nicole
    October 23, 2012

    awww i really appreciate you too!

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