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so the folks at gap corp. must have my number (and address) because they always seem to know just what to send me to get me to throw all of my money in their direction. as evidenced by last night’s mail delivery of not only a 50% off one item in store (on 11/17) but also a 40% off your entire purchase coupon (11/17-11/19), too.

i mean, it’s like they’re giving the stuff away!

so with that said, looks like someone may or may not be paying gap a little visity-poo (that sounded way cuter in my head) on saturday. y’all are more than welcome to come along should you so desire. not only could i use the companionship, but i will probably need assistance in weeding through the following possibilities (unless something looks terrible on me, in which i will refuse to come out of the dressing room):

i mean, i go mad for plaid so of course i’m a big fan of this shirt. plus the tiny ruffle down the front makes it just unique enough to be a must-have in my ever-growing collection of button-downs.

fitted boyfriend ruffle shirt

this sweater just looks so cozy. i would buy it in every color if i didn’t already have quite the sweater collection as it is. but i have been in constant search of a cream one to call my own, so perhaps this is the one to end my search.

eversoft circle hem sweater

truthfully i’d take this “it looks (and probably feels like) i’m wearing jammies but it’s also a dress” dress in both the indigo and grey colors. i also wouldn’t mind having those glasses, too.

terry sweatshirt dress

and not that i need another circle scarf (but that’s what i say every single time i buy a horizontal-striped shirt and well, that’s never stopped me!) but this one in neon violet is divine. as is the neon coral, tidal wave, and lime green one, too.

moss stitch cowlneck

no, i do not need it. but since when is it about what i need? she would play so nicely with the four other striped dresses in my closet…

and finally this entire outfit. i have been eyeing that dot sweater for months (MONTHS i tell you) and i mean, who wouldn’t want a pair of forest green skinny cords? you got me there. and i just took a peek at the customer reviews for the tee beneath the sweater and apparently it’s like THE BEST T-SHIRT EVER. so you know, how could i not at least take it for a test drive? (if it is as good as it’s hyped up to be, i wouldn’t mind it in raspberry sorbet or crisp royal blue. i think i’ll forgo the flats for now, i usually look to target to outfit me there.

dot pullover sweater | minna soda wash t | 1969 legging cords | printed ballet flats

so may the shopping odds be ever in my favor (and if you decide to go on your own, may they be in your favor, too).


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