she must be the milkman’s

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on a sunday a few weeks back, my family and i attempted to take a photo for this year’s christmas card. so donned in our holiday-inspired plaid and armed with our trusty tri-pod, we headed over to leo carrillo ranch for a little hamming, posing, and of course, smizing in front of the camera.

turns out we weren’t the only ones with the novel idea on that particular day as there were at least five families doing the exact same thing. never mind the fact that they had a professional photographer in tow to capture said money shots, i mean, who needs to pay a photog when you can have an inanimate object hold the camera for you? duh.

because how on earth would i ever be able to get away with shots like the one below if forced to pose in front of a live individual?

the one in the yellow scarf is special

this gem was snapped amidst a series of timed flashes (don’t worry, my pose changed with each snap of the lens) as my parents smiled on in complete (and blessed) ignorance. it wasn’t until later when my mom was editing the film when she learned of my rebellion.

sometimes i think they just don’t know what to do with me.

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  • Teresa
    December 1, 2012

    That picture! – I love you guys.

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