oh darling

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darling. of all of the pet names, i find this one perhaps the endearing. especially when it’s pronounced, dawwwwwlinnnnggg.

but this post isn’t about pet names, or even pets for that matter. i just wanted a clever way of opening this little post.

you see, darling is the name of a magazine that is pretty amazing in and of itself. not only are its issues a feast for the eyes (the photography is swoon-worthy), but its overall aim is, well, is this:

which, i don’t know about you, i think is pretty dang inspiring.

so when i was offered the opportunity to contribute an original piece for their website, i was beyond tickled pink (and purple, and green, and every other color of the rainbow).

“what to write about?” i thought.

then a suggestion from a dear friend (and darling’s managing editor), “why don’t you write something similar to the contents of your book? how to cope with break-ups and be thankful them, too?”

well, that i could do!

so that’s what i did.

dear ex, thank you, love me was published yesterday morning on darling online and in that moment, one more dream came true.

the Lord has been so incredibly faithful to grow my budding writing career over these past twelve months and oftentimes i have to all but pinch myself to ensure that what i’m experiencing is in fact real life (is this real life?).

turns out, it is (and i’ve got pinch-marks to prove it).

so thank you to each and every cheerleader i’ve been blessed enough to call my own. i am forever grateful for every kind word, encouraging email, celebratory emoji, and facebook like & comment.

not just for this particular venture,

but for every venture.

love y’all, and so seriously mean it.


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