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of all of the days of the week, i’ve always been partial to sunday.

maybe it’s the fact that i kick off the morning with a soul-stirring church service, or the fact that it has habitually been my day to re-stock my refrigerator shelves with a few of trader joe’s finest, or even still, maybe it’s the fact that in the fall, sunday means football and well, what’s better than that? (nothing).

when B lived with me, we initiated “sunday funday” where we kind of just left the day open to chance. brunch at honey’s? sure. camp out at starbuck’s and troll for surfer/hipster/jesus-loving men? why not? stay at home in our pj’s and watch dvr’ed episodes of real world/road rules challenge(s) and gossip girl? oh heck yes. eat, eat, and eat some more? i mean, do you really have to ask?

but once B moved, i suppose i all but abandoned sunday funday. i mean, truly, it would never be the same without her, but even still, i’m not sure what happened to make such an institution in my weekly routine all but become non-existent?

actually i think i might know. life happened. relationships. trips. weddings. laundry. sleep?

and then there were those bouts of inspiration and productivity that lent themselves to progress on a very important piece of literature.

but lately, i’ve found myself with a less rigorous schedule and well, a desire to re-initiate “sunday funday.”

and thus far, i’ve managed to embark on a very fun chili-making adventure, watch the holiday, and even partake in some almond champagne all on the first official day of the week.

so you know, not too shabby of a reintroduction if you ask me!

and then there was this past sunday -wide open, 12ish hours at my disposal.

and upon hearing a sermon about friendship and the vitality of intentionality for its survival, cultivation, and ultimate sustainment, i put those sentiments to practice.

soon thereafter i texted a girlfriend just to say hello and to remind her of the necessity of an upcoming playdate. turns out in that moment, she was looking for a friend in which to spend the afternoon with, too.


and so in a matter of minutes, she was at my door, ready to paint (almost literally) the town red. or at least a very fierce shade of hot pink.

and we filled our time well: venturing to home depot to purchase paint and other miscellaneous supplies to make her new humble abode a cozy little pinterest-inspired home, followed by a trip to the forum for afternoon caffeination and a little anthropologie perusing (the BEST kind of perusing, imho).

and well, we even paused for a photo op with a christmas tree on stilts.

and as we parted ways a pair of hours later, she was so sweet to express her gratefulness for our impromptu playdate. “i’m so glad you called,” she said.

but really, K, i’m the one that should be grateful. because it’s in spending quality time on a sunday afternoon with one of (albeit newest) my most cherished gals that i am reminded of what sunday funday is really all about. it’s about filling my day of rest with things that not only make me happy, but also fuel me -mind, body, and soul.

and after my mind and soul had been fulfilled for the day, i ventured off to trader joe’s to take care of fueling the bod, too.

and it was a mad house, as it is most sundays. but even despite battling for my life against some of north county’s finest soccer moms and little league dads (i mean, not really obvi, but it really does get quite crazy!) as i filled my cart with spaghetti squash and quinoa, chickpeas and oregano , i still found solace amongst the food-filled aisles.

maybe that’s because trader joe’s will always be one of my happy places. especially the location where i’ve managed to make friends (and more than friends?) with a few of its employees. and i have a feeling that one said joeslationship was the culprit for the random act of kindness i received on this particular sunday: a bouquet of just because flowers snuck into my reusable bag upon check-out.

but you know, free flowers are always fabulous no matter their source (smile).

and as i returned home, food and flowers in tow, i reflected on yet another successful sunday funday -one that all but manifested itself into being.

and i think that’s precisely why it was so successful. because maybe on sundays, even the planner in me needs a rest.

so here’s to adding many more sunday fundays to my future. some spontaneous, some planned. but all fulfilling, mind, body, and soul.


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