pucker up, i’m published!

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so i never thought my awkward first kiss story would get me published in a real live magazine, but here’s proof, y’all:

Published in Darling

top right paragraph. is this real life?

i learned yesterday that thanks to a less than romcom-worthy inaugural lip-lock, my story was selected to be included in the playful article “the mistletoe chronicles” which is currently featured in darling magazine’s second printed issue. so you know, between having my article shared on darling online two weeks ago, finishing my book, and now this, i’m feeling as though God has all but called over a dump truck filled with blessings to unload on my life.

and if that wasn’t enough already, i’m extremely excited to announce that my contributions for darling don’t stop here as i was graciously offered the opportunity to contribute on a regular basis following the warm welcome i received from dear ex, thank you, love me. 

so i better get brainstorming for a stellar sophomoric performance, right?
(don’t worry, i’m working on it!)

in the meantime, may i take a moment to give a little shout out to the organization that has made dreaming not so fruitless an endeavor lately?

great, glad we agree.

first, a few ways to educate yourself on just what darling magazine aims to be:
read here, here & here.

and if you like what you read and see (spoiler alert: you will) , then the natural progression would be to buy a copy of your own for perusal during your next couch cuddle session, trip to the nail salon, or high-flying cross-country jaunt, right?

again, we are really agreeing you and me.

purchases a copy here for yourself, a friend, family member, friend of a friend, or that girl you don’t really know but totally follow on instagram.

issue 2, y'all.

issue 2, y’all.

then get ready to enjoy some engaging reads from the best the XX-chromosomed world has to offer (present company included, KIDDING). thank you so much for your love and support! can’t wait to share this step of the journey with y’all.

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