summer dreaming (on such a spring’s day)

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my sincerest of apologies, i was completely remiss in wishing y’all a happy first day of spring on wednesday. my manners, seriously, they must be where my mind has been for the past three weeks (see also: gone). at any rate, happy spring to you and yours.

now with those well-wishes out of the way, we can get down to the good stuff. like how i’m currently wishing the weather would cooperate so as to be able to start a) allowing my legs to breathe in some non-spandex air (as in, fresh airand b) allowing my arms to do the same. except replace spandex with cotton (unless i decide to wear my full-body latex unitard to work again but i try to keep that down to once a year).

basically i’m just really ready to be able to wear skirts without tights and shirts without sleeves (or at least short ones at that). and my fedora has been out of commission for far too long.

the older i get and in turn, the more shopping excursions i find myself on, the more i have honed in on what color palette seems to suit me best. here’s a hint -it involves the awkward colors like olive and mustard and lots of neon. the brighter the hue, the better it usually looks on the pale skin tone of yours truly. navy and black are always good shades to turn to in a pinch, but best keep any and all pastels or oatmeal shades to a minimum. and white. well, white and i seem to have a love/hate relationship. i mean, my wardrobe would be incomplete without a few dozen simple white tees to dress up or down and most certainly to wear beneath sweaters and jackets for extra warmth in the fall and winter months. but on a purely objective level, true white just doesn’t do me justice (which is why i will obviously be opting for blush or ivory for my wedding gown. i mean, again, obviously). but then i came across this image on pinterest this week and holy moly, y’all. if there wasn’t a more perfect quintessential summer outfit. and yes, we just completely bypassed spring and went right into summer, i figured y’all wouldn’t mind, right?

White on White

i basically have all of these components. a very similar polka dot tiered tank and white jeans, both by j.crew and a fedora that would be a fine alternative to this panama hat, conveniently also by j.crew. i actually tried on this baby last weekend while the girls and i were shopping around at the stanford mall. it’s a beaut and it really did look quite fetch (if i do say so myself). but trying to pack it/wear it on the plane did not sound like a fabulous idea at the time. neither did the $58 price tag. but then i think about how much mileage this chapeau might get and that $58 doesn’t sound so outrageous. so consider it a maybe.

anyway, i don’t really have any other reason for telling you all this other than the fact that i’m just excited for warmer weather and what that means for my wardrobe. i can only recycle the same few long-sleeve tees and same three pairs of black tights for so long. my limbs are in great need of air. so hey spring/summer temperatures, it’s totally okay if you come out from hibernation, mmmk?

p.s. whenever i post an outfit i found on pinterest, i always think, “huh, what if the above photo was of me and posted on someone else’s blog? wouldn’t that be so creepy/incredibly flattering?” somewhere i hope the abovepictured gal is thinking the same thing.


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