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the spring issue of darling is officially printed and out for public consumption. that fact alone is -to quote miss rachel zoe herself –buh-nan-uhs. like seriously, crazytown. but crazytown in the most amazing of ways.

while the mailman may or may not be playing an evil trick on me seeing as i have yet to receive my own copy of the mag, miss N was kind enough to pass along a photo of my article in a sweet text message to me this morning.

officially offish.

officially offish.

gah, it’s still pretty surreal to think that somewhere some gal is curling up to a cup of coffee and her issue of darling and that in their flipping through its gorgeous pages, she may or may not stop to read through 1150 words of my own composition. i mean, i suppose that’s kind of what i hope happens when someone peruses the internet and stumbles upon my blog, but somehow things feel more official when taken out from behind the computer screen.

at any rate, today was a big day. a dream i’ve had since i was a little girl was realized and God proved once again how true his promises spelled out in jeremiah 29:11 (and everywhere else in the Bible) truly are.

so to everyone who has ever encouraged me in my writing, or has simply taken the time to read anything i’ve ever written at all -i want to extend my deepest and sincerest of gratitude. your sweet words have kept me going, when i felt stagnant and uninspired, when it felt as if everyone around me was achieving their goals and i had barely made a dent in mine, when it felt as if no matter how hard i flapped these wings, i was unable to get off the ground, the knowledge of having my team around me, having your well wishes and prayers and overall support has carried me through. and then days like today happen and i start to see what you’ve seen in me all along. and i realized just how blessed i really am. and i am the luckiest.


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