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that awkward moment when the server at east village asian diner totally calls you out on the proximity of your current visit to your last one and then goes so far as to tell you exactly where you were sitting, and oh yes, what your hair was doing on your last visit.

i’m pretty sure if i had let him continue he may have even told me what i ordered and how big of tip i left, too.

i mean, part of me was flattered by his creepily photographic memory, mostly for the fact that i have done the exact same thing before –“the last time we hung out, you were wearing a blue sweater and we ordered wok seared bowls and sat outside under the heaters at rimel’s in cardiff.”

but the other half of me was like, easy there mister. when i told M to meet me at east village for my second visit in 8 days, i was actually hoping to be accosted by a different server (the tatted one with sweet eyes and a concern for my proper hydration). unfortunately for me, turns out the LOML has wednesdays off.

but if my awkward moment taught me anything, it’s that my patronage apparently does not go unnoticed. and you know what? i appreciate that regardless.

p.s. looks like i’ll have to schedule my next dinner date on a tuesday to ensure that my eye candy is indeed available for my googly-eye-making disposal.


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