makin’ waves

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so operation hair-beautification commences in t-minus 24 hours and on the excitement scale, i’m at about an 87 (mind you the scale runs from one to ten). while i know better than to change up the shade (ginge for life!), i’d be lying if i said that i wasn’t interested in mixing it up a bit this go around.

enter pinterest.

so after wasting time researching hairstyles on the virtual pinboard, i’ve decided that i’m kind of loving the whole wavy-layered-center-part look:

big sexy hair

soft waves center part

center part waves

basically, my version of “mixing it up a bit” only really entails switching from a side part to a center one (i know, LOOK OUT, it’s getting cuh-ray-zee), but when it comes to these precious locks of mine, i think i’ve have my fair share of hairventures for one year.

so here’s to makin’ waves. and to getting some really big, sexy, (center-parted) hair up in here.


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