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sometimes smile-invoking things just warrant documentation. mostly for the fact that smiling is contagious and well, if the following items made me smile and/or giggle, chances are they just might do the same for you.

or not, because let’s be honest, my taste (at times) can be a bit eccentric.

but either way, here is a collection of things giving me a reason to grin these days:

1. justin timberlake as a tofu brick on a recent(ish) episode of snl: 

Justin Timberlake – Bring It On Down 2… by IdolxMuzic

i’ll admit, i missed the live version of JT’s 5th-time hosting gig back in march, but man oh man, was i ever grateful for nbc for re-airing it this past saturday! bring it on down to veganville.

2. speaking of nbc and being grateful (gah, such a good segway), the show that never ceases to make me tear up a half dozen times got renewed last week. glory hallelujah, y’all, parenthood and the entire braverman clan will be back (a la schwarzenegger) in the fall!

3. on saturday, JP and i ventured into j.crew while making our way around the fashion valley mall. worst-slash-best mistake ever. worst for the fact that it made me sad that all of the current styles aren’t magically sitting in my closet right now, but best for the fact that merely being in their presence made me so overcome with joy, i may or may not have done a little happy dance. lucky for me, my birthday is right around the corner…

4. this photo. this photo is making me smile.

ryan gosling tatted up

(what IS it with a man and tattoos?) and also, this is a still-shot from the place beyond the pines. if my awkward review of the movie didn’t get you running to the theaters, then this photo might be better marketing.

5. kiehl’s grapefruit bath & shower body cleanser.

kiehls grapefruit body wash

you’ve made me a believer.

i mean, holy yum, batman. for years i have heard the awesomeness that is kiehl’s skincare. but seeing as it’s pretty fancy pants, and honestly, a tiny bit intimidating, i never ventured down that rabbit hole. then i was so graciously gifted both the body wash and lotion for easter and after one use, i can see what all of the fuss was about. not only do i smell like a garden (or someone who is on a really strict diet’s breakfast), but if it’s possible, i’m basically a walking manifestation of outkat’s hit single, “so fresh and so clean, clean.” i better use this sparingly because i need another guilty pleasure beauty product like i need a hole in my head.

6. the $0.99 greeting card selection at trader joe’s. i mean, let’s be honest, trader joe’s in general is ALWAYS a sure fire way to get this girl grinning, but on a recent trip to mr. joe’s marketplace, my appreciation deepened all the more as i found a small bevy of card stock creations perfect for keeping around for unexpected use. so don’t be surprised if you receive a little note to say “hello! i appreciate you!” in your mailbox in the not so distant future. it’s probably really tacky that i just told you how much that card cost me, but if i know you (which hopefully i do seeing as i know your address…creepy), you appreciate my knack for bargain shopping.

7. david jacoby and his contributions to the world of pop culture. and also this podcast.

8. knowing that come friday, i’ll be here:

I believe in Nashville

sipping coffee here. eating meals here. spending lots of money here. and stalking tami taylor and/or taylor swift here. (and spending every waking minute with B, of course).

9. my mother’s emoji-filled text messages. yes, ladies and gentlemen, my momma finally downloaded emojis for her iphone and our textual conversations haven’t been the same since. (we’re especially fond of the poodle and tulip characters).

and finally, 10. (because i felt like this list would be incomplete without a tenth item) the last but not least thing making me smile these days is (drum roll…) my job! or should i say jobs. balancing the added role of catering assistant with my responsibilities as the club’s membership director and queen of all things communication and marketing related (that’s more of a self-given title) has made me find a whole new appreciation for how i spend my time 40 hours a week. these days, when the clock strikes four, i leave the club feeling accomplished, satisfied, exhausted, but happy. rapport with the bossman couldn’t be better and after a season of professional anxiousness, i am finding more and more just what a blessing this career has lent itself to be.

so here’s to taking the time to relish in the things that are making you smile this week. whether it is a picture of a shirtless ryan gosling, or justin timberlake dressed up as a piece of soybean curd, there are plenty of things out there (mostly on the internet) that have the power to invoke a cheshire grin.


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