dirty hair don’t care

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you may have taken notice of how fetch my hair has been looking these days. and by fetch i mean, there are days when you may or may not ask yourself, “self? has shawna washed/brushed her hair today?” and to that question i would say, how did you know?

this evening will mark six whole nights since i’ve washed these locks of mine (for you hygiene fanatics  while i may not have showered my hairs, i have indeed showered my body, so you can breathe easily. and so can everyone that comes into contact with me) and i must say, i think they are holding up pretty well. i may or may not have enough dry shampoo to outfit a family of five up in this mane, but nevertheless, perhaps there is something to be said about all of those claims that your hair follicles benefit from a little time away from the soapy suds of the fine makers of l’oreal color care products. so maybe it’s not what i’m doing with my hair these days, but rather, what i’m not doing.

and for everything else, there are my beloved hot rollers.

i’ve also taken it upon myself to start taking prenatal vitamins. yes, you read that correctly. now before you go all “LUCY, YOU’VE GOT SOME ‘SPLAINING TO DO” on me, let me, ha, well, explain. after someone whose hair i admire via instagram (have i mentioned that i’m creepy?) revealed to one of her photo commenters that the secret to her flowing locks was none other than the trader joe’s brand of prenatal vitamins. and considering the fact that i have a lot of pregnant friends whose hair seems to be all kinds of fabulous for nearly all of those 40 weeks, perhaps there was some merit to taking these prenatal magical hair growing pills. so i did what any overly concerned with her hair individual would do. i marched (see also: drove) right over to trader joe’s to purchase myself a big bottle.

now as you now, said purchase was going to be tricky given the fact that nearly half of the staff at the encinitas location of trader joe’s knows me by first name. and could probably profile me by my shopping basket alone (three bottles of ketchup, two bags of brussels sprouts and a bag of tri-color quinoa? yep, that’s shawna). so when it came time for checkout, i made sure to enter a line where the clerk was not yet aware of the frequency of my trader joe’s visits as to avoid the inevitable question, “well, looks like you have some news for us!”

nope, no news, nothing to see here, just trying to get mermaid hair by summertime please and thank you. in case you were on the edge of your seat during this paragraph, i’m happy to report that i made it out of the store without so much as a batted eyelash.

so between the minimal hair-washing and the daily prenatal vitamin-popping, my hair is sure to be pantene pro-v commercial ready by july. right in time for the fourth of july.

because let’s be honest, nothing says ‘merica more than really big hair.

p.s. if you’re looking for some good dry shampoo recommendations, might i suggest the tigi catwalk session series transforming dry shampoo and its more affordable equivalent, psssssst? they both smell lovely and really work wonders with that greasy-root-situation that can develop when you forgo washing your hair upwards of five days. just don’t get nervous when your part looks like on top of old smokey. the shampoo comes out white, but as long as you are careful to do a throrough brush-through job prior to leaving the house, you’ll totally avoid those. “huh, shawna is really showing her age these days, you can totally see her gray hairs coming in!”

big hair don't care

hair inspo all day, errrrr day.


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