bringing home the bacon

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no literally.

after an approximate 15 year hiatus, i’m eating bacon, again. and i’m pretty excited about it. and since i didn’t want the other meats to feel left out (though some may argue that bacon is all the carnivorous treat one needs in life), i’m also re-incorporating chicken, turkey and maybe just maybe the occasional hamburgler back into my life. yes, ladies and gentlemen, thanks to my new adoption of the paleo diet, in addition to a lot of fresh organic veggies, my fridge is currently housing quite a few caveman offerings.

now let me be clear. i don’t want to make this into “here’s what shawna eats and drinks everyday” blog because hi, you get enough of me in the form of “here’s what shawna wears everyday.” but because i like to share my life with y’all, i figured a change in diet eating habits, and a pretty drastic one at that, should perhaps to documented. so in case you, say, invite me to dinner (how kind of you!), you won’t be shocked when i decide to order something off of the “poultry” section.

so after nearly an hour in trader joe’s and another 20 minutes in sprouts on sunday, and lots of monies spent at both, my kitchen is stocked with the likes of coconut oil, every spice from the baking aisle, meat, meat, and more meat and lots of leafy greens. there’s also a jar of almond butter in there which is testing my every last bit of will power not to devour in one sitting.

if anything, paleo has gotten my booty back into the kitchen for things more than just steaming vegetables and microwaving a baked potato. sunday night, i actually MADE MY OWN SALAD DRESSING. and then proceeded to make a crustless quiche, turkey burgers, and cooked up nearly a pound of bacon. i mean, forget ina garten, just call me the espadrille-wearing contessa.

and i realize this is only technically day three of my paleo pursuits, but i’m kind of loving this whole domestic/i make a meal plan for the week and actually kind of stick to it thing. it feels good to have fresh produce in the fridge and spices on my spice rack. that’s a lie, i don’t have a spice rack, they’re just kind of strewn about on a shelf in my cupboard. they aren’t even alphabetized. i know, how can one live like that? anyway, cooking and recipe testing and eating delicious and flavorful foods is pretty great. it only took me nearly 28 years to figure that out.

so if i make a recipe (from practical paleo, which thanks to instagram and the barnes and noble employee who was very helpful during my saturday visit comes very highly recommended) that i think you should also make and/or congratulate me for, i might just share it here. but as for more in depth details about my daily eats, i’m going to keep those to myself and to whoever comes across me in my office and/or employee dining room stuffing my face. just know that i eat bacon again, and that in many people’s eyes, is probably the most important thing about this post.

my guide to all things bacon (and paleo-related).

my guide to all things bacon (and paleo-related).


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