making a house a home

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i’ve used this photo from my “home is where the heart is” pinterest board as inspiration for bedroom decor for months now.

frame wall

when things get less hectic, i’ll recreate it. when i have a free weekend, the motivation, a hammer, and nails, and a cute handyman to go with them, then, i’ll make this wall my own. 

well this weekend was finally the weekend we (my parents and i, actually mostly just pops, and he’s totally a cute handyman) made it a reality.

pinterest-inspired frame wall.

pinterest-inspired frame wall.

some of the pictures still need filling, but they are finally up and off of my office room floor and for that reason alone, this creation is a win. i plan on filling them with burlap, stenciled with song lyrics. yes, another pinterest-inspired project for perhaps another holiday weekend (or before, seeing as the next holiday weekend would be two months from now).

on the adjacent wall, we hung my recent home goods find -a distressed mirrored door, rehung my belt rack, and added in the wrought iron bench that had been collecting dust in the same office room where the frames had been stored (apparently “office room” translates to “the room where all of the unhung and unused furniture and/or junk is kept.”)

hung mirror and bench_cropped

cozy nook for belts, hats & accessories.

with these additions, my bedroom finally looks like someone actually lives in there (i know, what a concept after nearly six years). and with its completion, as well as a few other renovations, slowly but surely, my house is becoming a home. a home where both feet are planted, suitcases unpacked, picture frames hung, kitchen appliances out of their box and actually put to good use. 

a home that i am equal parts excited and proud to return to every evening. and a home that i think i’d like to stay in for a good long while.


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