sister, sister

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on saturday evening, in a star-aligning/this-never-happens-where-we-can-coordinate-four-people’s-schedules moment, i was lucky enough to meet up with three of my college sorority sisters. we convened at the irvine spectrum for food, conversation, (a wee little bit of gossip), and to fill in the blanks that facebook statuses and instagram posts had left void.

it was exactly what i thought it would be and more (mostly for our ever-entertaining server, dottie), and i left with not only a full tummy (cheesecake factory, your menu never ceases to amaze me), but more importantly, a very full heart. 

the further i get from my collegiate career, the more i learn to appreciate just how good i had it. for three years, i was a part of a sisterhood made up of women from every walk of life and with hair color from every spectrum on the color wheel. all so very different, yet alike all the same. and despite distance and time and career choice and life-stage, we still remain anchored (sorry, i had to) to a common ideal that will forever bind us. a bond that has withstood the test of time and circumstance. and on this particular saturday evening, i was reminded just why it was that i joined a sorority in the first place. so maybe it was partially for the formals and the date dashes with the eligible gents of sigma chi, but more importantly, when i signed my name to the delta gamma decree, i hoped that the women in that room would become ladies who would stand beside me for years to come.

and they have.

and saturday night was a perfect reminder of that.



  • Lindsay
    July 1, 2013

    XOXO. Great night that left my heart full of love and admiration for three very sweet sisters. So glad the scheduling worked!!! Must do it again soon!!

  • Lindsay
    July 1, 2013

    PS – Anchored? You kill me!! (itb!)

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