on wednesdays we walk

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living in such close proximity to the parental unit (p-unit, for short), you’d think i’d see them often. and i do, relatively speaking. but it’s usually just for a hot minute when pops comes over to help me with my finicky food processor or when mom asks if i can stop by to sign a birthday card. sure, my mom and i text throughout the day (she’s really into emojis) and she’ll send me an email or two with things she’s thought to tell me while on a walk with the family pup, but as far as spending true quality time goes, trying to coordinate our schedules for a family dinner or outing always seems to be a near impossible endeavor.

the truth is, i’m guilty of taking advantage of the fact that my parents live 12 minutes away from me. because since they live so close by, i can stop in and see them for two minutes here, five minutes there, beckon on them to help me come fix my washing machine when it has decided to break on me in the middle of a rinse cycle.

but with that convenience, i’m finding is that all too often, i allow these fleeting exchanges to double as quality time. but just because i saw my mom four times this week doesn’t mean all four of those times were meaningful and intentional moments. they were to say hi and bye and pick up the paper towels that she so graciously bought me on her most recent trip to target. and at the end of the day it’s about quality, not quantity. 

(this actually applies to both our relationship and the paper towels).

so momma and i have made a new little summer tradition of sorts or for as long as the daylight and/or weather will cooperate, really. we’re going to meet at the corner of swami’s and the self realization temple (don’t worry, we’re plenty self-realized) for a little jaunt by the coast. some one-on-one intentional, carved out and planned-for mother-daughter time. a little endorphin rush and time with my favorite gal? i can’t think of a better way to spend my wednesday evening.

you know, life gets busy. like death and taxes, that seems to be a constant ’round these parts. but it’s time i stop using that as an excuse. because it’s not, at least a valid one, anyway. stopping in to say hi to my parents on my way to a dinner party or on my way home from pure barre is nice, sure, but it’s not the same as sitting down at the dinner table to share a meal and catch up on each other’s lives.

so on wednesdays we will walk. and on sundays (at least once a month), we will dine. and despite our proximity and its accompanying convenience, i will continue to focus on the quality not quantity of each time spent together.

beach walk


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