happy birthday ‘merica

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so it’s america’s birthday today (cheers to 237 years!), but you already knew that because you’re probably headed to the beach or to a barbecue, or to a BEACH BARBECUE or something else that’s really fun.

i’m kind of on my way to something similar. except my barbecue is at a country club with about 1500 of my closest friends. so maybe not the same at all.

the club has a big 4th of july shindig every year and it’s all hands on deck for the 100+ employees. i mean, if i had to be somewhere other than in a beach chair at 20th street in del mar with an iced coffee and fresh watermelon in hand in my most festive red, white, and blue attire, the club isn’t such a terrible place to be. i mean for one, i get to man the photo station. smile, point, shoot, next! and two, i have access to unlimited tri tip, cotton candy, and palm reading. so you know, not the worst alternative.

anyway, i hope that wherever you find yourself today, that you have a lot of fun. and that that you’re appropriately dressed in red, white, blue, stars and/or stripes.

because i am:

July 4th, 2013

happy fourth of july!

cheers to 237 years!

cheers to 237 years!


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