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sign 437 that you’re getting old:

new housewares excite you.

yes, ladies and gentlemen, one of my most exciting purchases of late is a brand spanking new striped shower curtain from the threshold collection at target.

new shower curtain

perhaps even moreĀ exciting is the fact that i also “installed” (obviously using that term loosely, you hardly install a shower curtain) said shower curtain all by myself. see also: no calling dad for reinforcements as well as no self-inflicted injuries and/or screamed expletives. so you know, overall a big ol’ W in the domesticity playbook.

life’s funny, you guys. some days you’re like, “i feel (and look) like i’m 17, how on earth is our 10 year high school reunion this year?” and then other days your biggest thrill is getting a new shower curtain and you realize that you’re almost 30 and a homeowner and apparently that is what excites people with those credentials.

in other news, i’m also kind of obsessed with my food processor. so, yay adulthood!

but really guys, isn’t my new shower curtain so cute? maybe it will prompt me to wash my hair more regularly.

nah, i doubt it.


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