a september to remember

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so it’s september (as if i, and your calendar didn’t already alert you of that). and the fact that we’re three days into the ninth month of the year means i am about to embark on a whirlwind month of traveling. and i’m pretty excited about it, too. mostly for the fact that i get to follow up a four-day workweek with a two-day workweek. i mean, among other things, silly. like getting to go to the likes of lake arrowhead, austin, and nashville. back to back to back.

anyway, let’s break it down, shall we?

this coming weekend i have the pleasure of accompanying the loveliest of brides-to-be up to lake arrowhead (aka heaven on earth) with a few of her best gals for two-days of rest, relaxation, boating, tanning, reading, and eating all in the name of her pending transition from a miss to a mrs. growing up in a coastal community, i realize my loyalties should always reside with the tides, but y’all, there is simply something about the slow pace and fresh air of lake life that really can’t be beat. there’s also this view.

captured from my last visit to the lake circa 2011.

captured from my last visit to the lake circa 2011.

when i return rested, relaxed, and maybe with a few pine needles in my hair, i’ll have four days to unpack and repack for the drey nupts in austin, texas, y’all. my long-time (we’re talking 14 years of friendship) friend, H is gettin’ hitched and i’m pretty pumped to not only watch it all go down, but to have the opportunity to explore A-town as well. if you have any tips on what i should see, where i should shop and/or eat, or if you’re in austin and want to say hi, please let me know. i mean visiting the whole foods headquarters is a given, as is trying to track down a pair of legit cowboy boots. i also foresee a lot of sweating in my future as the temperatures are hovering right around the triple-digit mark this time of year. but perspiration aside, i’m really excited to see my dear friend become a wifey. also, i can pretty much guarantee that the dancing that will ensue at her reception will be epic. i’ve upped my pure barre classes in preparation for said event.

following austin it’ll be back to the south one week later. this time to nashville. for surprisingly work not necessarily play. though i do plan to sneak in a few non-work-related shenanigans, too. our annual membership directors conference is conveniently held in the hub for all things country music this year. which, hi, is awesome for me seeing as y’all know it’s one of my favorite cities outside of my own. i fly in on a sunday and out on the following wednesday morning and when i’m not attending educational sessions, schmoozing with fellow professionals from clubs across the country and canada, or eating at networking or progressive dinners, i’ll be playing with B. it’s kind of the best of both worlds. and i get to stay in a hotel with a king size bed and even order room service if i so please. work perks, ftw, y’all.

I believe in Nashville

when i return to charles lindbergh that wednesday afternoon, i’ll be able to take a breather for a weekend when i spend the final days of september at home in san diego before more adventures ensue come october (but i can’t talk about those because the subject matter of this post is “a september to remember” to that just wouldn’t be right).

so if you need to find me this month, look to the skies. or the security line at san diego international airport. chances are you’ll find me in an over-sized sweater and skinny jeans, lugging around a suitcase the size of a small child and an iced coffee of similar stature as well.

p.s. i’m also currently taking book suggestions. air travel is best spent with your nose in a book. or, you know, by making friends with your seatmate.


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