life at the lake

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i grew up near the beach. i know, it was a rough childhood, let me tell you. i have memories of spending afternoons gallivanting amongst the tide pools, searching for seashells, squishing sea anemones, and getting tangled in some serious seaweed. so what i’m about to say might be a little controversial. controversial in the sense that i somehow feel an obligation to prefer the coast over any other topography. but the thing is, i don’t. 

because if given the choice of a beach house and a lake house, i think i’d prefer the latter. there’s simply something about life at the lake that really can’t be beat.

this weekend i had the pure pleasure of hiding out in the mountains at my friends’ family abode in honor of K’s last fling before her ring. let me tell you, when it comes to bachelorette shenanigans, i’m always a fan of something more low key than something that requires a bodycon dress and copious amounts of bar-top dancing. think more afternoon naps on lounge chairs and eating cookie dough by the spoonful and less bottle service and adult libations with tiny umbrella adornments. anyway, our time at lake arrowhead solidified my love for all things lake(house).

from the time spent lounging around make-up free in our bathing suits and/or comfies, to eating copious amounts of fresh fruit, hummus, and homemade coconut almond butter (oh yes, that’s a thing), to the perfect saturday morning boat ride, having life conversations with K and her amazing “home team” and soaking in the quietness of the morning overlooking this view:

lake house

this past weekend was not only the perfect way to honor our dear bride-to-be, but the perfect reminder that while the beach will always have a place in my heart, my soul finds rest at the lake.

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