blog crush friday: kendi everyday

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let me tell you a story about kendi. i stumbled upon her blog a few years back and immediately fell in love. with her fashion, with her hilarious and perfectly sarcastically composed commentary, with her adorable little texas life. furthermore, she single-handedly restored my faith in the gap franchise, so my wardrobe is very thankful for that, too. then one day for whatever reason, i felt the need to tell kendi herself of my said obsession with healthy fondness for her. so i emailed her and professed my affections for her style, site, and overall outlook on life. well i’ll be darned, while most people may have alerted the authorities and issued a restraining order against my fangirl 2013 ways, she did the exact opposite. she basically deduced that we would be grand friends if i lived in texas and demanded that if i were every passing through the lone star state that i let her know. i mean, that’s just the kind of gal kendi is. lucky for her, i’m fairly normal. and what do you know, i’m on a plane to texas right now…

Kendi Everyday1

Kendi Everyday2

Kendi Everyday3

Kendi Everyday4

Kendi Everyday5

Kendi Everyday6

Kendi Everyday7

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