blog crush friday: midwestern & married

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since she was so gracious enough to allow me to monopolize her blog on wednesday, i felt it only fair to feature her as this week’s blog crush friday (and well, her blog is awesome and hilarious in its own right, so it was only a matter of time before it appeared as a feature on BCF).

meet my bestie from the mid-westie, rachel of midwestern & married. i have known her for…wait for it, 18 years. 

Midwestern & Married6

and if we can survive untweezed eyebrows, an unhealthy obsession with overalls, and AP spanish together, we are more than equipped to survive the current 1200-mile distance that now separates us. because unfortunately for me, rachel resides in the great state of illinois with her husband, joe who is a football coach at northern illinois university (go huskies!), and her adorable daughter emma who is basically the cutest thing ever. so essentially rachel is tami taylor, complete with her glorious locks.

midwestern & married not only offers a glimpse into life as a san diegan turned midwesterner and wife of a college football coach, but also highlights the adventures of raising a 16-month-old diva in training. if anyone could rival the taylor family, it’s the tripodis. so do yourself a favor and tune into their adventures.

clear eyes, full hearts, go huskies. or something like that.

Midwestern & Married1

Midwestern & Married2

Midwestern & Married3

Midwestern & Married4

Midwestern & Married5

*all photos compliments of midwestern & married 

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  • Rachel
    October 4, 2013

    Ok I am dyyyyying at the Tami T comparisons…I am so not worthy, but I’ll take it 😉

    Thanks for the shout out…and the reference to overalls and AP Spanish. Died when I read that!

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