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two wednesdays ago, my mom picked me up from the airport when i got back into town after my work trip to nashville.

[also side note: of all of the taxi/shuttle services, she’s by far the best. she even brings a cold bottle of dasani (thanks, mom!).]

anyway, on our way to brunch (did i mention her shuttle service includes complimentary brunch after pick-up? take that greyhound) she starting telling me that while she was strolling the beach that morning she thought of some words that described me.

aww, so sweet, i thought. and as she started to recount the words she equated with yours truly, i braced myself emotionally, fully expecting her to begin rattling off adjectives that might evoke a tear or two.

to my surprise, the words to describe me weren’t all chicken-soup-for-the-soul-y at all. but they were an alliteration (which i very much appreciated).

“comedian, clothes, & caffeine.” she said.

i started laughing. “seriously?” i replied. i went on to explain that i had assumed she would disclose a myriad of tender descriptors, and that i had tried to prepare myself for an ugly cry. but apparently, given her answer, i had been incorrect in my assumptions (i suppose it serves me right, you know what happens when you assume). and then we just giggled.

i mean, clearly, she’s correct in her deduction of me to three little words. i try my dang hardest to get a laugh out of anyone who will listen (even if that someone is just me), second to tim riggins, i love clothes more than anything, and hello, i have a starbucks gold card (that isn’t meant to brag, more so to point to my clear addiction). so she’s absolutely right. those three words do, in fact, describe me.

you know, most days my mom and i share the same brain, so i am hardly ever surprised/taken aback by her commentary. chances are, when she shares something she’s been pondering, i’ve already pondered it myself.

but last wednesday, she managed to shock me.¬†and that’s just one of the many reasons why life with my momma is just really fun(ny).


let me tell you about my bessssfriend.

let me tell you about my bessssfriend.


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